Humanities Guåhan is an independent non-profit organization that
presents and supports public humanities programs and projects for the people of Guam.



In her essay “I Talen Mañaina-ta,” Dr. Laura Torres Souder describes the significant roles that Chamoru women have played in their communities from pre-colonial times to present day. This essay is part of our online and print magazine Unincorporated: Voting, Voices and Visions para Guåhan.


Our latest project, Reimagining Guåhan: Social Justice through a Humanities Lens, follows the civic reflection model to engage in humanities-based discussions with our richly diverse community about the meaning of equality and democracy by exploring a range of important social justice issues to reimagine a Guåhan that is more just, inclusive, and sustainable.




Rediscover the beauty of Guam and the power of your imagination with the book Chepchop Unai! Find us at the Guam Head Start Fitness Fair on Saturday, May 21, at the Dededo Sports Complex for a reading and fun activities with author Cathy Payne!