The Fanohge Coalition

The Fanohge Coalition is a network of 38 community organizations, nonprofits and small businesses that support CHamoru self-determination and a change in Guam’s political status.

The Guam Daily Post

Former Gov. Joseph F. Ada

Governor Joseph F. Ada served as governor of Guam from 1987 through 1994. After his re-election in 1990, he became the first governor of Guam to be re-elected to a consecutive term in office. Lieutenant governor from 1979 to 1982, Ada is the first person to have held the offices of senator, legislative speaker, lieutenant governor and governor of Guam.

Edward A. Alvarez

Edward A. Alvarez (Familian Tenbat and Terao) retired as the Chief Probation Officer for The Guam Judiciary and was asked to return to public service by former Governor of Guam Eddie Calvo to serve as the Executive Director for the Commission on Decolonization. He worked in this capacity from 2011-2017 and presented numerous times at conferences around the Asia-Pacific region and before the United Nations.

Theresa (Isa) Arriola, PhD

Theresa (Isa) Arriola is a sociocultural anthropologist who was born and raised on Saipan; she earned her doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Isa employs an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how processes of militarization transform the sociopolitical realities of Indigenous peoples and environments in the contemporary Marianas.

James C. Bamba

James C. Bamba is a Chamorro artisan from the island of Guåhan who weaves, utilizing the many plant materials which have been used by the ancestors for thousands of years. He focuses his efforts on exploring the versatility of åkgak in both traditional and contemporary fashions and has been on this journey since 1995. His work has been featured in many venues, most notably, in 2019 at the 2nd Honolulu Biennial (now known as the Hawai’i Triennial) and in 2016 with the Humanities Guåhan - Te Papa Co-Collecting Project.

Monica Baza

A professional artist since 1987, Monica Baza incorporates mixed medium materials whenever possible in her paintings, drawings, and lino-cut printing. Cost of Freedom is one such mixed media piece, acrylic painted on a hand-carved linoleum sheet.

Julie (Jill) Quichocho Benavente

Julie “Jill” Quichocho Benavente has been creating original works of body ornamentation inspired by ancient CHamoru artifacts for over 20 years. She was awarded the title Master Carver-Body Ornamentation from the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency in 2015. Jill owns and operates a cultural shop Guinahan Chamoru Arts, located at the Sågan Kotturan Chamoru in Tamuning. The shop is also a venue for Jill to provide instruction. She has worked with more than 12 emerging carvers and weavers, who learn the techniques and materials of her craft.

Jack Lujan Bevacqua

Jack Bevacqua is a versatile artist from Guam, currently based in Germany. He is the crossword puzzle-solving half of The Guam Bus.

Michael Lujan Bevacqua, PhD

Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Ph.D. (Familian Bittot and Kabesa) taught Guam History and Chamoru language at the University of Guam for 10 years, runs a weekly podcast called Fanachu! and currently works as the curator for the Guam Museum. With his brother Jack, they run a creative collection called The Guam Bus that publishes Chamoru language books, comics and learning materials.

Mike Blas

Mike Blas retired after 21 years in the U.S. Army working as a Finance Officer, with functional experience in Systems Automation and currently works as a Systems Engineer for a major Department of Defense contractor. Mike is a former president of the Guam Society of America, Inc., the oldest Guam club in the continental United States, and has been an active member since 2000.

Simone Efigenia Perez Bollinger

Simone Efigenia Perez Bollinger, familian Boño, resides in Piti, Guam.

Kerri Ann (Ifit) Na’puti Borja

Kerri Ann “Ifit” Na’puti Borja is the daughter of Ann N. (Kaderon) and Robert C. Borja (Daso), an indigenous Chamoru women with roots in both Guåhan and Sa’ipan. She is an educator, community organizer, photographer, and creator of CHamoru body ornamentation.

Kisha Borja-Quichocho-Calvo

Kisha Borja-Quichocho-Calvo is a CHamoru mother/poet/student/teacher from Mangilao, Guåhan.

Anthony R. Camacho Esq.

Anthony R. Camacho, Esq. is General Counsel for University of Guam. He is an attorney under his own legal practice, representing private and government clients in complex civil litigation and procurement matters, among other areas. 

Ric R. Castro

Ric R. Castro is a professor of art at the University of Guam. He is primarily known for his paintings, which can be found at businesses and public buildings throughout the island. Ric is also the proud owner of the Castro Art Gallery in the Tumon Sands Plaza, where he showcases his own work as well as work by many of Guam’s top local artists.

Ron J. Castro

For over 35 years, Ron J. Castro has been concentrating on his painting and special projects with an emphasis on promoting Guam’s culture. Working in a wide range of media including caricature drawing, color pencil and graphite, watercolor, oils, graphic design, photography, and sculpture, Castro’s works are on display at numerous businesses, hotels and homes on the island.

Hope Alvarez Cristobal

Hope Alvarez Cristobal is a long-time CHamoru rights activist who received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Guam in the field of education. She is a former senator of the Guam Legislature who is responsible for creating the CHamoru Registry and the Commission on Decolonization for the Implementation and the Exercise of the Right of CHamoru Self-Determination that continues to exist today.

Manuel Lujan Cruz

Manuel Lujan Cruz (familian Supiano) is a PhD candidate under the Auckland University of Technology School of Communication Studies. His research focuses on ideological critiques of settler colonialism and CHamoru digital activism.

Matthew Camacho Cruz

Matthew Camacho Cruz, CFMP is the Vice President of Business Development and Relationship Manager, Neighboring Islands Region at the Bank of Guam. He has served on several regional boards to include the Belau Tourism Association, President; the Palau International Coral Reef Center, Director; and the Palau Banking Association, President. Matthew currently serves on the Humanities Guåhan Board, Treasurer; the FSM Association of Guam, Advisory member; and the Guam Contractors' Licensing Board.

Cara Flores and Duk Duk Goose, Inc.

Cara Flores Mays is an indigenous filmmaker and a co-founder and Director of an indigenous media nonprofit based in her homeland of Guåhan

Monaeka (Naek) Flores

Monaeka “Naek” Flores is a queer CHamoru artist, activist, and daughter of Guåhan who has worked in ceramic, metal, glass, painting, film, and mixed media and has curated and coordinated a number of art and interpretive exhibits and programs. She is a member of dynamic community organizations that focus on CHamoru self-determination, environmental justice, and the protection of sacred sites: Prutehi Litekyan – Save Ritidian, I Hagan Famalåo’an Guåhan, and Independent Guåhan, all members of the Fanohge Coalition.

Free Association Task Force

Anne Perez Hattori

Anne Perez Hattori is a Professor of History, CHamoru Studies, and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam. Anne loves snorkeling, eating, tennis, and teaching about Guam's past.

Derek Baza Hills

Derick Baza Hills served as Speaker of the 27th Guam Youth Congress and upon graduating with his BA in Public Administration from the University of Guam, served as the President of the 52nd Student Government Association. His work experience includes 10 years as an analyst and researcher for the 27th through the 32nd Guam Legislatures and teaching Social Studies / American Government at Southern High School and Inarajan Middle School.

Leonard Z. Iriarte

Leonard Z. Iriarte (Familian Yåyi) is a Master of Chamorro Chant, educator, and oral historian for the I Fanlalai’an Oral History Project.

Edward Leon Guerrero

Edward is a proud Chamoru activist and scholar who will never rest until Guahan is decolonized. He desires all of the Marianas to become united and sovereign.

Ken Leon Guerrero

Ken Leon Guerrero spent twelve years as a Community Advocate representing the people of Guam on many critical issues before the Administration, the Legislature, and various Government Agencies. The future political status for Guam affects all the people, and he brings his experience as a Community Advocate to the discussions to ensure all voices are heard on this very important issue.

Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero

Alejandro B. Lizama

Alejandro B. Lizama, known to many as “Al,” is a CHamoru artist, historian and preservationist. He worked for the Department of Parks and Recreation Historic Preservation Office (HPO) for 24 years and participated in the initial survey of Guam’s historical and archaeological sites, covering and conducting an inventory of 70% of the island’s sites.

Arielle Taitano Lowe

Arielle Taitano Lowe, a Chamorrita poet from the village of Agat, dreams of a reunited and independent Marianas.

Katherine Mafnas

Katherine is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at The New School. Her studies, as well as her photography, aim to explore cultural narratives and support healing.

Clarissa Mendiola

Clarissa Mendiola (familian Månnok yan Vincentico) is a mother and a poet who has lived in San Francisco for more than two decades. Clarissa’s work can be found in various journals and publications including As Us, Literary Hub, Omniverse, Storyboard, The Rumpus, and the Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia anthology from the University of Hawai’i Press.

Leiana San Agustin Naholowa’a

Leiana San Agustin Naholowaʻa is a writer, editor, and teacher from Dededo, Guåhan, who specializes in CHamoru women and gender studies, orality, and folklore.

Tiara R. Na’puti

Tiara R. Na'puti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Jay Baza Pascua

Jay Baza Pascua is a poet, writer, visual artist, actor, and CHamoru chanter — a storyteller. Mixing contemporary styles with careful research and reflection, Pascua presents his original chants at numerous community events; he hopes his work inspires other CHamorus to embrace and perpetuate their heritage.

Teresita Perez

Teresita Perez: mother, daughter, teacher, friend, and sometimes a writer.

Craig Santos Perez, MFA, PhD

Craig Santos Perez, MFA, PhD (familian Gollo) is a poet originally from Mongmong, Guåhan. He is the author of five poetry books and the co-editor of five anthologies. He currently lives and works in Hawai'i.

Michelle Pier

Michelle Pier is a local artist born and raised on Guam, who creates acrylic paintings inspired by nature and patterns of energy using texture and metallics.

Angela Therese A.M. Santos

Angela Therese A.M. Santos: “Passion exists within emotions which derive from the root and basis of this life, in love. There came a point in my life where I decided I just want to make atupats and lattes for our people, to empower them in their lives as CHamoru people in hopes that they are continual reminders that we are a resilient people.”

Laura M. Torres Souder, PhD

Dr. Laura M. Torres Souder is the Vice Chairperson for the Commission on CHamoru Language and the Teaching of the History & Culture of the Indigenous People of Guam and Chairperson for the Guam Indigenous Heritage Alliance (GIHA). She is an author, educator and champion of CHamoru language learning and authentic literacy development.

Kie Susuico

Kie Susuico is an indigenous graphic artist who is a co-chair of Independent Guåhan's ArtReach Committee.

Robert A. Underwood, EdD

Dr. Robert A. Underwood served five terms as Guåhan’s delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 2003, and was the president of the University of Guam from 2008 until 2018. A celebrated historian and scholar publishing and presenting on topics of CHamoru rights, education, Guåhan’s political status, culture and language and federal-territorial issues in Guåhan and Micronesia, Dr. Underwood continues his work with grassroots movements on CHamoru self-determination and decolonization.

Desiree Taimanglo Ventura

Desiree Taimanglo Ventura, familian Alamasak yan Deza, is an editor and author from Yigo, Guam, with thirteen years of experience in the post-secondary classroom. She has taught Rhetoric and Writing, College Composition, and Critical Thinking for Civic Engagement at San Diego State University, University of Guam, and Guam Community College.

Melvin Won Pat-Borja

Melvin Won Pat-Borja is the Executive Director of the Commission on Decolonization, the President of the Department of CHamoru Affairs, and acting Director of GPLS. Prior to his appointment, he served as an educator in the public school system for over a decade, most recently with Southern High School. Melvin holds a B.Ed. in Secondary Education and an M.A. in Pacific Island Studies from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.

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The Fanohge Coalition

The Fanohge Coalition is a network of 38 community organizations, nonprofits and small businesses that support CHamoru self-determination and a change in Guam’s political status.