Humanities Guåhan is an independent non-profit organization that
presents and supports public humanities programs and projects for the people of Guam.



The upcoming 2019 National Humanities Conference will be hosted by the Hawai'i Council for the Humanities in partnership with Humanities Guåhan, the Northern Marianas Humanities Council, and the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council! 



Join us in Honolulu for a special film & discussion event featuring highlights from the Kuentusi I Hanom collection--short films on traditional Pacific seafaring, fishing and farming practices, cultural sites, and indigenous art forms--as we explore key questions of "roots" and "routes."



Humanities Guåhan is pleased to launch of the Guam Women Warriors Oral History Project! The journey begins with stories of entering military service and initial training, with new stories added on second and fourth Wednesdays ChST online at: