Humanities Guåhan is an independent non-profit organization that
presents and supports public humanities programs and projects for the people of Guam.



Humanities Guåhan is excited to partner with TeAda Productions and co-producer Breaking Wave Theatre Company to present the Guam premiere tour of Masters of the Currents! The Guam tour will take place from September 26 through October 9, 2022, and includes a weeklong series of performance excerpts and conversations with high schools, community theatrical workshops, and performances at the University of Guam Fine Arts Theatre Oct 6-8. More


Our latest project, Reimagining Guåhan: Social Justice through a Humanities Lens, follows the civic reflection model to engage in humanities-based discussions with our richly diverse community about the meaning of equality and democracy by exploring a range of important social justice issues to reimagine a Guåhan that is more just, inclusive, and sustainable.




We are pleased to announce the opening of the 2022 Community Grant Cycle! Working in partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities, we provide financial support up to $10,000 in matching funds to nonprofit organizations, institutions and ad-hoc groups for humanities programs aimed at public audiences. More