Humanities Guåhan is an independent non-profit organization that
presents and supports public humanities programs and projects for the people of Guam.



This month we reflect on the strength and courage of the countless men and women from Guåhan who served in the US Military. Learn more about their journeys--in their own voices and language--in the recently launched Beteranu Gi Geran Vietnam project.



Our latest project, Reimagining Guåhan: Social Justice through a Humanities Lens, follows the civic reflection model to engage in humanities-based discussions with our richly diverse community about the meaning of equality and democracy by exploring a range of important social justice issues to reimagine a Guåhan that is more just, inclusive, and sustainable.




We recently partnered with the Guam Head Start Program to launch our Motheread/Story Exploring Micronesia, formerly Family Story Hour. By tailoring content to the unique context of the Pacific, children and their families connect to the stories and activities we present, while celebrating our diverse languages, cultures and physical landscapes in the Pacific.